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Disrupt Battlefield Requirements / Rules

To compete in the Startup Battlefield, at time of application submission startups must be live for fewer than three months and less than two years old.

In selecting final contestants, we will give heavy preference to companies that launch for the first time to the public and press at TechCrunch Disrupt. We consider new products from existing companies to be significant. Due to the limited number of competition slots on stage, companies launching new feature sets do not qualify as launch companies. The competition will take place in San Francisco, but companies from around the globe are welcome to submit their startups for consideration.

There is no cost to apply to the Startup Battlefield. Selected companies receive two free tickets to attend and present at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Companies that have presented at other public launch events are not eligible for Startup Battlefield. If you're choosing between launch platforms and need an early decision, please apply and email us at and we'll priority review your application.

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